Radiology as a service (RaaS)

Maximize your profitability with the cost-effective AI-powered imaging solutions offered by our Radiology as a Service (RaaS) framework.
Radiology as a service (RaaS)Radiology as a service (RaaS)

Lifevoxel- AI powered Visualize Platform

  • All diagnostic and workflow tools in one place – the web browser
  • No cost for hardware or user licenses – low up-front cost
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Improve accessibility, efficiency and accuracy

Unified Imaging Access Solution

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Healthcare Services
  • LifeVoxel.AI software router connects at customers locations and provides interoperability to modalities and on-premises systems
  • Physicians, staff, patients and others only need to use a web browser on any device to access imaging and workflow tools

Radiologists’ Trusted AI Visual Platform

End to End Workflow

Healthcare Services

AI Becomes Practical

With LifeVoxel

Amazon Cloud WS for AI

100 GPUs = $250,000 per month

LifeVoxel Patented 1I Visual Platform

100 GPUs = Included with LifeVoxel

Efficiency Using AI and Visual Supercomputing Platform

Healthcare Services

How we help our customers


Real-time access to imaging including on mobile phones by doctors, clinics and hospitals


Insight using 1I and visualization, remote consult, remote emergency and more


Specialists communicate from wherever


Patient access for second opinion and specialist

Brands Trust Us

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Radiology as a service (RaaS)

US optometry and vision care company effectively completes verification of 95% of insurances before appointment and shortens time taken to submit claims

Radiology as a service (RaaS)

KGiS uses business process improvement capability to setup and effectively manage clearing house for a leading biometric testing and wellness company

Radiology as a service (RaaS)

Health screenings and wellness company reduces denials, realizes 84% of unpaid claims using KGiS’s RCM and analytics solutions

Radiology as a service (RaaS)

KGiS enables US physician practice setup and effectively manage centralized appointment scheduling operations

Radiology as a service (RaaS)

KGiS streamlines appointment scheduling for American dermatology practice using IVR and web based call tracking software

Radiology as a service (RaaS)

KGiS improves payment cycle and the AP process for American assisted living and long term care facilities

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