Order to Cash Services

Remove bottlenecks from order management and enhance your customer experience
Order to Cash ServicesOrder to Cash Services
Order to Cash (O2C) is one of the crucial financial components necessary for smooth business operations. KGiS enables you to take control and gain visibility over the entire O2C of your business—from receiving the orders and fulfilling them, promptly and efficiently.
We take a holistic approach to delivering O2C services by taking into account various processes like supply chain management, inventory management, labor management, and reporting and data management. This way, we ensure your company’s cash inflow and working capital isn’t disrupted. We also go the extra mile in gaining insights from data gathered from O2C processes and help you make better operational decisions.

Streamline your cash acceptance process and achieve agility in your cash flow

Monitor and manage your inventory to meet the sales demands

Adhere to deadlines and manage customer orders efficiently

Understand your customer preferences and enhance their experiences


Order Management

We bring in best-in-class practices to help companies efficiently manage their customer orders regardless of the channel. Our solution is automated in a way that the operations become seamless across the departments for every order. This way you can fulfill your orders in an organized way.

Order Fulfillment

Once the purchase order is approved, the vendor can send you the necessary goods and services for your operations. We help you in the verification of specifications and goods condition, and preparation of receipt.

Order Shipment

Successful delivery depends on the efficiency of the supply chain and logistics. We make sure your entire logistics arm is actively operating through periodic auditing and make sure the communication between the order fulfillment and the shipment departments is effective.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivables

KGiS makes the accounts receivables seamless by automating the invoice processes. Because any discrepancies in credit management will lead to cash flow problems and the collapse of the company’s finance. With accurate invoices, managed by automated accounting systems, we help you anticipate inflows, alleviate payment delays, and generate revised invoices.

Payment Collections

Payment issues arise from a lot of factors. Failing to document the payments will disrupt the finances of an organization. KGiS brings down the cash inaccuracies by ensuring every payment you receive is stored and processed only through the ordering system.

Data Management

Data from the O2C is crucial in determining the performance of the organization. KGiS helps companies monitor and analyze the complete O2C data such as the sales cycle, orders and purchases, customer retention rate, and so on. With this, businesses can make crucial decisions to improve their customer experience.


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Order to Cash Services

US Mortgage Broking company drives loan processing efficiency by 15% and improves revenues armed with KGiSL back-office

Order to Cash Services

Health screenings and wellness company reduces denials, realizes 84% of unpaid claims using KGiS’s RCM and analytics solutions

Order to Cash Services

KGiS improves payment cycle and the AP process for American assisted living and long term care facilities

Efficient management of finances requires experts more than automation.

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